whatsherface #12: Sam Richardson - Appt 73

May 26, 2017


Appt 73 combines personal documentation of cosmetic hair removal, historical imagery of a female Saint blessed with a beard, and modern day understandings of hair growth, to explore gender / representation, medical diagnoses, as well as an unwritten history of violence against women. The patron Saint of relief from tribulations, in particular by women who wished to be liberated from abusive husbands/situations, sprouted a beard after praying to be freed from her arranged marriage, St. Wilgefortis has been mis-construed and attacked throughout history. Her attacks come through her aesthetic and visual characteristics, which according to many are a grotesque aberration of the image of Christ. Her image has been destroyed and hidden countless times in varying spaces. 


Appt 73 attempts to juxtapose the history of this denigrated Saint with a contemporary understanding and, ultimately a ‘solution,’ to that which was her demise — a beard. Through the narrative and visuals the viewer is presented with an underlying reality of gender presentation vs. desire, which begs the question of why in fact is a solution sought?​

Sam Richardson is an interdisciplinary artist working in photography, video and music. She is based in Brooklyn, NY.


Richardson focuses on topics relating to the power dynamics of visual representation (including self-representation), the relationship between subject and photographer, gender and sexuality. 


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