whatsherface #11: INVASORIX - Macho intelectual

May 19, 2017


Through a performative masquerade INVASORIX and friends reenact fourteen seminal photos of artists’ groups from the 20th century—such as Neo-Concretismo Brasileño, Die Bruecke, ASCO, Abstract Expressionism—to a catchy cumbia beat shot in front of public and private art institutions—such as Museo Tamayo, Casa Vecina, Gallery OMR, Pinto Mi Raya—in Mexico City.

In 2016, Macho intelectual was awarded the 1st prize in the category ACTIVISMO of the FEM TOUR TRUCK Festival Internacional de Videoarte Feminista.​​

INVASORIX is a queer/cuir feminist working group making songs, video clips, DIY publications, tarot sessions and performative presentations. They are currently stationed on planet earth in Mexico City from where they weave networks, with living creatures and places, they foster inter-galactic, multi-spatial and poly-temporal encounters. INVASORIX itself is 523 years old, following the Gregorian calendar. They are no beginners at all, but there are just too many things to be learned and unlearned on this planet!


Considering non-professionalization as a strategy, INVASORIX has taken on the challenge to collectively write lyrics and make video clips that critically address female masculinities and power relations in artistic, educational and patriarchal environments. Alongside, they published a reader, a set of tarot cards and have realized performative presentations. In their practice, they apply parody to provoke a wider scope of reflection and reactions. Rather to mainly focus on professionalizing our ability to write and perform songs, they embrace our autonomous skills—the capacity to listen and articulate together what they experience, to take decisions and to take bodies and emotions into account—to go beyond the usual and well-trained means and media of our individual artistic practices. In their point of view, transformative potentiality precisely relies in how we learn and unlearn collectively, and how we explore different ways of being and working together unprofessionally.


Learn more at http://invasorix.tumblr.com/

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