whatsherface #4: Yao Cong - Under Blue

March 25, 2017

Under Blue explores gender politics through beauty, pleasure, disgust, danger, violence, the erotic and the artificial, the dance of the brush and the movement of the camera, imparting an uneasy feeling of voyeuristic power to the viewer. With the exclusive use of close-ups, the fragmented body, body movement, color and textures ride the line between real and surreal -- our attention to those colors and textures is greatly rewarded, even as we understand the context even less.


Yao Cong (b. 1992 China)

Sensitive emotions have always been the driving force behind Yao Cong's inspiration. He explores existing modes of gender, sexuality and identity politics, with an intent to replace struggles with tranquility. Through a diverse use of media which includes moving image, physical theater, installation and photography, Yao Cong constantly attempts to address and restructure self-perception and retranslate human emotions by creating immersive works with hazy, poetic and sharp aesthetics.


Yao Cong graduated from a BA in Intermedia Art from the China Academy of Art in 2014 and is currently pursuing an MA in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in London. He has exhibited extensively, including at solo exhibition, VIDEONALE.16, Kunstmuseum Bonn, DE, 2017; Espronceda Centre for Art and Culture, Barcelona, ES, 2016; Microwave International New Media Arts Festival, Hong Kong, 2016; Helsinki Festival, Helsinki, FI, 2015; Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Shanghai, CN, 2015; the 11th Beijing Independent Film Festival, Beijing, CN, 2014; Today Art Museum, Beijing, CN, 2014; West Bank-Architecture and Contemporary Art Biennial Exhibition, Shanghai, CN, 2013, etc. 

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