whatsherface #2: Maya Yu Zhang - My Sister Swallowed the Zoo

March 10, 2017

My Sister Swallowed the Zoo investigates an ordinary phone call between a mother and a daughter. The film explores hope and disappointment, adoption and replacement, freedom, and captivity.


"Based on my upbringing and relationship to transnational mobility, I’m interested in what inevitably gets left behind and lost in translation. What are the things that I’m able to convey in English but not express in Mandarin? What are aspects of myself that are alive and active here, but not there? The desire to understand and inhabit this gap propelled me to take up the camera. With My Sister Swallowed the Zoo, I focus on a recent point of contention at home to examine ways in which communication across cultural and generational divides both wonderfully fails and miserably succeeds.​" - MYZ


Maya Yu Zhang (b. 1991, China) is a performer and producer who primarily practices in film. Her works have been shown at Black Maria Film Festival, Milwaukee Underground Film Festival, Institute Of Contemporary Art In Philadelphia and Anthology Film Archive. A regular collaborator with Tingying Ma and Kang Kang, she works closely with the group to facilitate innovative approaches to independent art production. Their most recent collaboration Future Host premiered at Knockdown Center in New York, and traveled to TPAM Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama. A graduate of Bryn Mawr College, Maya is currently a collaborative studio fellow at UnionDocs.

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