non linear war 

/nänˈlinēər wôr/ 


-confusion and disorder ensue when weaponized information exacerbates the perception of insecurity in the populace as political, social, and cultural identities are pitted against one another.




-emotional anguish or grief, typically caused by the loss or absence of someone loved.

Kristen Swanbeck is a filmmake...

I hear my heartbeat 

In my ears.

Is - Was.

Is - Was.

Is - Was.

Complete in its incompleteness,

It's a Reconstruction Site.

A listening for answers

Within the empty spaces.

I'm a product of militarization.

Your body,

The site of contestation. 

How do I get to your center?




Michelle Lee Salnaitis is a student of language, more so a student of silences and that...

In a soccer stadium in Vienna, 13 female artists perform Franz Kaltenbeck’s art manifesto ‘The criteria of the avant-garde’ as an opera piece. This iconic text, written in 1977, lays out the principles of the avant-garde movement, which it emblematizes. The performers make the manifesto their own, applying its content to a soccer game, deconstructing its meaning. Through...

In 2012, Lily Benson and Cassandra Guan recruited a group of over fifty artists and filmmakers to produce a collective biopic about the life of Baroness Elsa Von Freytag-Loringhoven, unsung member of the New York Dada movement. A poet, artist, model, and public provocateur, the Baroness defied the social and artistic codes of hertime. As with many of her female contempor...

On the day following the burial the ceremony of ozu-olu begins. The signal for this is the appearance twice a day (morning and evening) of the maw-afia.

Onyeka Igwe is an artist, filmmaker, programmer and researcher. Her practice is dominated by a preoccupation with the physical body and geographical place as sites of cultural and political meaning. She uses dance, voice,...

Screened and then lost, credited and then miscredited, the work of early twentieth century filmmaker Alice Guy Blaché is summoned in this archival reconnaissance/narrative.  Tender Meats is a lyrical documentary that examines the relationship between cultural memory, the archive and processes of historical excision. It includes archival documents and the recovered footag...

German Lesson is inspired by meetings with Austrian volunteers who were teaching the German language to refugees from different countries. I assisted in several of their meetings, where I met a woman from Vienna who had been teaching German to a refugee from Eritrea.

The video focuses on a session where the teacher asks the Eritrean woman to read a text in German based on...

GastroNomads explores issues of migration, belonging and food preferences in the specific context of five migrant women from different parts of the world, now living in London. They all work for Mazí Mas, a roaming restaurant that creates employment opportunities for migrant and refugee women, inviting them to cook food from their own countries, as they were taught by th...

In her new video work, Moodrings, Crystals, and Opal-coloured Stones (2016), Xa undergoes initiation rituals for mudang, or Korean shamans, channeling her interest in magic, witchcraft, and astrology. Loosely based on her research on female mudangs, Xa learns the steps of the ritual from a female shaman character. Similarly, the artist has recently developed performances...

“This style of fighting has nothing to do with combat. This is not a light comparison to make. This looks more like girls fighting at a party or a bar. I wish that people wouldn’t pretend to know what soldiers do and do not do—especially in a war zone.”

—Anonymous soldier based in Afghanistan 

“…The voice of the instructor, his essentialism, his declarations about how "me...

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